BCCF-A Voice For the Voiceless

“Only great souls know the grandeur there is in charity.”~Jacques BNigne

Philanthropy in Ancient Greek, means “to LOVE people.
Love opens our Heart to Kindness. When we truly Love the world rewards us. Love inspires Giving. It allows us to be selfless and reach out to help others in need. Some take it a step further like my dear friend, Mr. Lotay Yang, a brilliant and compassionate philanthropist, who founded The Black Card Circle® in 2005. Mr. Yang is the President of Black Card Circle®, a trusted and secure network for influential individuals worldwide, a network of “CIAs”: Connectors, Influencers and Alphas. BlackCardCircle.com launches on 9.9.09.

The Black Card Circle® Foundation (BCCF) is a 100% volunteer-supported public charity recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The Black Card Circle® Foundation(BCCF) allows the collective of conscious capitalists and influential individuals assembled by the Black Card Circle® to contribute substantially to the betterment of humanity globally, by raising awareness for and providing grants to non-profit organizations that serve one of the following 5 core areas:

1. Education
2. Environment
3. Health Care
4. Community Development
5. Poverty Relief

BCCF is supported primarily through the efforts and highly dedicated work of Black Card Circle® to make a difference and to empower the voiceless in society by promoting self-reliance and sustainability.

BCCF is a 100% volunteer organization. All net proceeds are donated directly to charity. The donations support BCCF’s grants, programs, fundraising activities, and beneficiary charities. BCCF’s executive team receives no compensation for their volunteer work. Donations to the Black Card Circle® Foundation (BCCF) are tax-deductible as permitted under law.

This Saturday, on August 15th, 2009 at 6:00 PM “A Spectacular Midsummer Night’s Cocktail Benefit” will be held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, California. This benefit raises awareness and funds for BCCF’s two partner non-profits: Autism Speaks (AutismSpeaks.org) and Touch of Love (TouchofLoveInternational.com). These non-profits are changing our world. Participants will have the privilege to meet Autism Speaks’ Executive Director, Touch of Love’s Founder, and ONEHOPE Wine’s CEO at this Black Tie Charity Event. It’s noteworthy to mention ONEHOPE Wine is a for-profit enterprise that donates 50% of profits to partner charities. 50% of ONEHOPE Wine‘s Cabernet Sauvignon profits are donated to the fight against AUTISM. As official sponsors of BCCF’s Cocktail Benefit this Saturday, ONEHOPE Wine is providing wine for the evening, a bottle of wine for each Tiffany & Co. gift bag, a Silent Auction item.

Mr. Lotay Yang in his own words: “Philanthropy isn’t about you or me… Philanthropy is about them… For the Black Card Circle Foundation, philanthropy is serving as a voice for the voiceless. On Saturday, help us raise awareness for children and families affected by… Autism. On Saturday, help us raise awareness for micro-lending in impoverished villages in Egypt. On Saturday, help us *help others*.. There is no failure in philanthropy. If but one life is touched, then we have made a difference.

You, too, can make a difference. You can join the Black Card Circle® Foundation cause on Facebook and help BCCF help the voiceless worldwide.

For more information please email BCCF at: info@blackcardcirclefoundation.org

Visit the Black Card Circle Foundation website at:

Watch the fascinating video from the charity dinner on 7/16/09 in Santa Monica, CA: http://bit.ly/BCCFVideo

To learn more about how Black Card Circle® & the Black Card Circle® Foundation work together, please visit BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange for more information.

“To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love.”~Oscar Wilde