Unconditional Act of Kindness

My husband was reading a summarized version of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) which is a sacred Hindu scripture with deep philosophy and spirituality. The Gita’s emphasis on selfless service was a prime source of inspiration for Mahatma Gandhi. Very briefly the Gita’s message is:

“Begin each day in ways that are consistent with love and harmony. Do not attach yourself in any way to the fruits of your labor. If you attain this state of grace, your life will have peace, stability and serenity. Live your life entirely with purpose (giving) and selfless action; by renouncing fruits of action and by dedicating all activities to God. At all times, honor God and serve others in any and all of your actions.”

Then, my husband told me whom it reminds him of. He said the name Chris and everything came rushing back.

We had a brief encounter with Chris 10 years ago. We were moving into a beautiful new place, but they had one rule: We had to complete our move-in by 5 pm. It was late in the afternoon. We still had lots of things to unload, including heavy furniture. We were both tired and worried we couldn’t finish in time. I remember wiping my tears and saying a silent prayer in the elevator. Shortly after, Chris showed up like an angel. He was so kind and gentle. He said hello and asked if we were moving in. We said yes and explained we had to be done by 5 pm. He was on his way out to get himself some dinner, but instead, he took off his jacket and helped us finish moving in to make the 5pm deadline. I was in tears again when we thanked him. We invited him to dinner. He paused a moment and said “I didn’t help you to receive something in return”.

We have never forgotten Chris or his selfless act of kindness after all these years. We rarely saw Chris after that. Our schedules never seemed to come together, except for that one moment in time when we needed a small miracle from a kind and generous soul.

We never had that dinner together. He must have quietly moved away one day, leaving us the same way he entered our lives, with humility and grace.

What would happen if we all lived our lives like Chris with selfless action? Spreading love and good will everywhere, everyday….leaving behind our soul prints.

What a wonderful world it would be!