Fashion Tweet-Ups With Designer George Zaharoff

George Zaharoff is not just an amazing fashion designer, he also knows how to utilize social media. He runs #ZChats on Twitter Sundays at 4 pm EST. You will discover his conversations to be warm and engaging. His Fashion Forward doggie Piccolo is on Twitter too. George is an inspiration and one of the top fashion designers who drives the American fashion world.

The exciting news is that the luxury blog fashion + class & jet lag and American retailer Nordstrom will hold tweet-ups to spotlight Zaharoff’s collection in Seattle, Chicago, and Washington DC at the following Nordstrom stores and dates:

-Seattle Bellevue Square: September 24, 4-7 PM

-Washington, DC Pentagon City: October 1, 4-7 PM

-Chicago Michigan Avenue: October 8, 4-7 PM

If you live in these cities or have the opportunity to attend these tweet-ups, you can meet George Zaharoff. How many times do we get the chance to meet our favorite fashion designer in person?

For more information, please visit The World of George Zaharoff: FALL 2011: NORDSTROM TWEET-UPS