Kathy Ireland’s “911 For Kids”

After all these years, I got to meet my Twitter friend Kathy Ireland.
My husband and I were honored to meet Kathy and her awesome team at Kathy Ireland’s 28th Annual 911 For Kids / A.E.F.K Children’s Holiday Celebration.

It’s such a blessed event where children enjoy a day of fun activities, food, entertainment, many gifts and a photo with Santa and Kathy.


What a great way for the kids and their families to kick off the holiday season!

https://twitter.com/JonCarrasco/status/409414364567834624Kathy Ireland’s son Erik Ireland Olsen and Madeleine Meyer, singing Christmas songs at the holiday celebration.

https://twitter.com/Stephen90069/status/409428911752110080Kathy Ireland, escorting Santa and Mrs Clause into waiting children at the holiday party.


Kathy and Santa

Brittany Duncan and Brian Nguyen, kiWW®
This annual event is one of Kathy’s many charitable activities.

Kathy Ireland is a beautiful soul inside and out. Her charismatic persona is warm, powerful and inspiring (even after her long day).

Kathy wears many hats: She is a successful mother, designer, CEO of Kathy Ireland Worldwide® (kiWW®) and a devoted philanthropist with extensive charity work. After meeting Kathy in person, I’m convinced that knowing our priorities and following our passion is the cornerstone of building a successful life.

Kathy has true self-esteem. Her focus on others, makes her a successful person both in personal and business relationships.

If you ask me what is my happiest moment of 2013? Without hesitation, it was meeting Kathy and her wonderful team members. I was overwhelmed by their love, warmth and kindness which will remain in my heart forever.

Thank you for everything, Kathy and Team. Merry Christmas!

PHOTO CREDITS: Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry

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Giving Gives Back

Give. Remember always to give. That is the thing that will make you grow.~ Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Everything on our planet has a purpose. Our lives have a purpose.

I’ve discovered that natural givers are always happy, no matter what.

My husband and I lead a simple life. However, we’re both generous people which is the building block in our relationship. We both enjoy helping whenever and however we can.

Yesterday, I was a little tired due to just a few hours sleep yet something profound happened which gave me such energy and filled my heart with joy. Something which made me think how our lives should be about giving and reaching out to others. We donated an item to a kind soul. When this kind soul reciprocated our act of giving with the utmost kindness, my entire being was, once again, filled with the most powerful fuel: LOVE.
I noticed my husband’s joy as well.

“Giving becomes more important than getting because giving is in alignment with your purpose.” ~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Givers are always the miracle workers. When we focus on giving as our life purpose, we seem to receive more. It’s all about unconditional giving, with no expectations in return. If you do this, you’ve aligned yourself with the universe. You’re a miracle worker and more will come your way. Believe it!

Giving gives back. It fuels the universe.



Kathy Ireland ~ Living Life with Purpose

Achievement doesn’t come from what we do, but from who we are. Our career is an extension of our personality.” ~Marianne Williamson, from A Course in Miracles

I met Kathy Ireland on Twitter in early 2009. I was taken by her kindness and down-to-earth attitude. Since then Kathy’s multi-billion dollar empire has been growing larger each year. Kathy is the CEO and Chief Designer of kathy ireland Worldwide®. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She empowers others and surrounds herself with talented people who share her passion.

Recently, Kathy Ireland appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine. Last year alone, kathy ireland Worldwide® grossed close to $2 billion dollars in retail sales. And it all started with a line of socks. A mom herself, the mission statement of kathy ireland Worldwide® is “…finding solutions for families, especially busy moms.”™

Photo Courtesy of Forbes

kathy ireland Worldwide® founded in 1993, offers designs in Home, Office, Weddings, Fashion, Fine Jewelry, Baby Products, Destination Properties and More. Kathy is also Chief Designer for Window World, America’s largest window replacement company. Fairchild Publications names her one of the 50 Most Influential People in Fashion. Kathy Ireland Skincare products are incredible and affordable. These effective skincare products are from the Dead Sea.

Recent TV appearances include co-hosting “Oscars 2010 Red Carpet.” Prior to the live broadcast, Kathy had recently returned from a humanitarian trip to Haiti. On February 29, 2012, she was guest co-host on ” The View.”

Kathy has also written six books and produced several fitness videos. UCLA acknowledges Kathy as one of the top 10 Women’s Health Advocates in America.

Kathy Ireland recently added bridal fashions to her product line empire with a mission statement “…finding solutions for people in love.”™

Kathy is a dedicated Philanthropist. Her philanthropic work supports several non-profits including the Elizabeth Taylor HIV/AIDS Foundation, Feed The Children, the Alliance for Christian Education and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Kathy reminds me everyday that one person can make an enormous difference.

One of my favorite quotes of Kathy Ireland is: “Don’t just work for the money; that will bring only limited satisfaction.”

Kathy Ireland is and will always be a special friend to me.
Thank you for leading by example, a life with purpose and inspiring us all, Kathy!

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Make Wishes Come True

Love and compassion is at the core of giving. Giving back enriches all. I know I feel energized, fulfilled and happy when I give. Giving is indeed a beautiful experience.

A child suffering with serious illness is one of the saddest things in the world. Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

One of these children is Erik “Electron Boy”. He wished to be a superhero. On World Wish Day® 2010, Erik transformed into Electron Boy. More than 350 people helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation® make Erik’s wish come true on this special day. Watch this video to see Erik’s wish, one of the many wishes, that was granted last year:

World Wish Day® 2010 – Erik’s wish to be a superhero

World Wish Day® 2011, a global celebration of wish granting, is coming up on Friday, April 29, 2011.

Please visit Ways to Help: World Wish Day® and get involved in World Wish ® 2011. There is a variety of options for helping and giving.

Follow Make-A-Wish Foundation® on Twitter @MakeAWish and “like” on Facebook at facebook.com/makeawish.

Everyone should get involved in supporting the World Wish Day campaign on April 29, 2011.

Spread the word!

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Every New-Born has a Purpose

Love Without Boundaries(LWB) provides the most compassionate and dedicated help to orphaned and impoverished children in China. This is accomplished through five different programs. One of these programs is healing homes.

There are times that babies with medical needs in the orphanage system need an extra dose of tender loving care. These children are among the most vulnerable due to being born with special needs that often cannot be met in an institutional setting. 

Healing homes are staffed with well-trained nannies who devote their time to the careful nurturing of these children. Through their medical work in China, they have realized that orphaned children born with cleft lip and palate often become failure to thrive babies due to their inability to feed properly. It’s heartbreaking as life in a crowded institution can be a true struggle to survive for a child born with cleft.

In 2008, LWB opened the Anhui Cleft Healing Home, welcoming the babies with cleft into a safe and warm environment. The careful feeding of the children is being provided by devoted nannies, and then the children receive surgery to correct their cleft lip at the first possible opportunity. LWB’s second healing home, Henan Cleft Healing Home opened in June 2009, providing nurturing care to cleft effected children of one of China’s poorest provinces.
Please watch LWB Cleft Healing Homes Video.

According to an ancient Chinese legend when a child is born, an invisible red thread connects the child’s soul to everyone who will play a part in that child’s life, present and future. Whether you believe in this ancient legend or not, through sponsorship or adoption you connect with a child born in a country with a history of 4000 years.

Every new-born has a purpose. Children at cleft healing homes are waiting to find their place in this world. One of the children who are currently waiting for sponsorship is baby Neil. This beautiful child is living at the Henan Cleft Healing Home, waiting for a kind soul to give him a chance. For a sponsorship of $50 a month, you can help Neil have a new beginning on life!

Love’s Journey

Love Without Boundaries is giving away a copy of Love’s Journey 2 (LJ2): The Red Thread to anyone who mentions LWB in a blog, on their Facebook page, or on another type of online social media.

LJ2 is a beautiful hard cover, coffee table style book filled with hundreds of photos and stories about China and international adoption. I know because I have got one. After reading this awesome book packed with great stories and photos, all I could think of is international adoption.

Please find all the details here:

Take advantage of this offer now and give a copy to your family members or friends. A perfect holiday gift!

LOVE'S JOURNEY 2 The Red Thread

LOVE'S JOURNEY 2 The Red Thread

We can create a miracle in our world.

We must encourage International Adoption. Because we know it’s our job to accomplish.

Helping children after trauma

By Jonathan Wilson

Children around the world who suffer emotional trauma need our help.

In many places, trauma is not just from personal tragedy but due to conflict, poverty, disaster or discrimination.
Most of these children simply do not have access to adequate care.

OperationSAFE is working on a solution…
•Child-friendly resources that help children recover.
•Easily reproduced volunteer-run program
•Large scale screening allows professional counselors to focus on the most serious cases.

We are encouraged by the results we have seen…
In fifteen camps after the Great Sichuan Earthquake in China,
•Children opened up about the trauma they experienced
•Families welcomed counselors into their homes to receive more help
•Local authorities enthusiastically invited teams back to hold follow-up camps.

For many of these children the OperationSAFE camp was “the most fun I have EVER had!”

But we need your help…
•Become a fan on FB and Twitter and spread the word
•Give so we can make this available to children worldwide!
•Volunteer to translate, edit, train, teach, go!

You can become a fan here on Facebook, or follow me @operationSAFE on Twitter.

You can give through http://firstgiving.com/operationSAFE

You can volunteer by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter.

Pete’s Arctic Adventure: 1st draft animation trailer

Children learn that they are not alone through a game where they have to rely on someone else to help them.

BCCF-A Voice For the Voiceless

“Only great souls know the grandeur there is in charity.”~Jacques BNigne

Philanthropy in Ancient Greek, means “to LOVE people.
Love opens our Heart to Kindness. When we truly Love the world rewards us. Love inspires Giving. It allows us to be selfless and reach out to help others in need. Some take it a step further like my dear friend, Mr. Lotay Yang, a brilliant and compassionate philanthropist, who founded The Black Card Circle® in 2005. Mr. Yang is the President of Black Card Circle®, a trusted and secure network for influential individuals worldwide, a network of “CIAs”: Connectors, Influencers and Alphas. BlackCardCircle.com launches on 9.9.09.

The Black Card Circle® Foundation (BCCF) is a 100% volunteer-supported public charity recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. The Black Card Circle® Foundation(BCCF) allows the collective of conscious capitalists and influential individuals assembled by the Black Card Circle® to contribute substantially to the betterment of humanity globally, by raising awareness for and providing grants to non-profit organizations that serve one of the following 5 core areas:

1. Education
2. Environment
3. Health Care
4. Community Development
5. Poverty Relief

BCCF is supported primarily through the efforts and highly dedicated work of Black Card Circle® to make a difference and to empower the voiceless in society by promoting self-reliance and sustainability.

BCCF is a 100% volunteer organization. All net proceeds are donated directly to charity. The donations support BCCF’s grants, programs, fundraising activities, and beneficiary charities. BCCF’s executive team receives no compensation for their volunteer work. Donations to the Black Card Circle® Foundation (BCCF) are tax-deductible as permitted under law.

This Saturday, on August 15th, 2009 at 6:00 PM “A Spectacular Midsummer Night’s Cocktail Benefit” will be held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, California. This benefit raises awareness and funds for BCCF’s two partner non-profits: Autism Speaks (AutismSpeaks.org) and Touch of Love (TouchofLoveInternational.com). These non-profits are changing our world. Participants will have the privilege to meet Autism Speaks’ Executive Director, Touch of Love’s Founder, and ONEHOPE Wine’s CEO at this Black Tie Charity Event. It’s noteworthy to mention ONEHOPE Wine is a for-profit enterprise that donates 50% of profits to partner charities. 50% of ONEHOPE Wine‘s Cabernet Sauvignon profits are donated to the fight against AUTISM. As official sponsors of BCCF’s Cocktail Benefit this Saturday, ONEHOPE Wine is providing wine for the evening, a bottle of wine for each Tiffany & Co. gift bag, a Silent Auction item.

Mr. Lotay Yang in his own words: “Philanthropy isn’t about you or me… Philanthropy is about them… For the Black Card Circle Foundation, philanthropy is serving as a voice for the voiceless. On Saturday, help us raise awareness for children and families affected by… Autism. On Saturday, help us raise awareness for micro-lending in impoverished villages in Egypt. On Saturday, help us *help others*.. There is no failure in philanthropy. If but one life is touched, then we have made a difference.

You, too, can make a difference. You can join the Black Card Circle® Foundation cause on Facebook and help BCCF help the voiceless worldwide.

For more information please email BCCF at: info@blackcardcirclefoundation.org

Visit the Black Card Circle Foundation website at:

Watch the fascinating video from the charity dinner on 7/16/09 in Santa Monica, CA: http://bit.ly/BCCFVideo

To learn more about how Black Card Circle® & the Black Card Circle® Foundation work together, please visit BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange for more information.

“To give and not expect return, that is what lies at the heart of love.”~Oscar Wilde

ADOPTION-Every Child Has a Purpose

The Red Thread

“An invisible red thread connects those that are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break. Almost everyone who adopts a child from China hears the legend of the invisible red thread that connects them to their children. As parents travel to China and fall in love with their new son or daughter, they slowly begin to realize that there is not just one thread but many that guide them through the amazing journey of becoming a family. These threads connect them not only to their children, but also to the new friends they meet along the way, to the birth families and caregivers, to all the orphaned children who still remain, and of course to the beautiful country of China herself. All of these threads are woven together to create the most beautiful heirloom of all – an intricate tapestry of family, friendship, honor and love.”
From the Book: Love’s Journey 2, The Red Thread, LWB Foundation 2007, www.lovewithoutboundaries.com

Every child has a purpose. There are millions of children in the world that are waiting to be adopted. Our world today needs more conscientious thinking towards adoption. The children are born into poverty or to families who neglect them. They need a home and a family who will embrace them and love them as their own. The orphan or foster care children need to feel loved and wanted. They need to believe in their future. We should all work towards a common goal: help these kids to find a loving family. Each child deserves a home.

The nonprofit organization Love Without Boundaries specializing in medical care, education, foster care, and nutrition for orphaned children in China, is not an Adoption agency. However, they advocate for the adoptions and work with the adoption agencies. They make sure as many children as possible in Chinese orphanages are given the chance for adoption.

Families who adopted children from China describe their experience as an incredible journey. They don’t see a complex picture. They see a magnificent tapestry that reflects unconditional love and commitment.

Amy Eldridge and Karen Maunu are Executive Director and Associate Executive Director of “Love Without Boundaries” respectively. Both adopted children from China.

In Amy Eldridge’s own words:
“We are definitely all about adoption. I tell our volunteers that no humanitarian aid program in the world can do as much for an orphaned child as simply having them find a family to CHERISH them. A family changes everything for an orphan. That child then has someone to encourage them, to believe in them, and of course to love them. That child then has an unlimited future. So all of our program areas work to get as many children ready for adoption as possible, and we work with orphanages to advocate for these children to have that chance. The way the adoption program works is that an orphanage will prepare a child’s adoption file, and then they send that file to the national government office for adoption in Beijing. They then place the child’s file with adoption agencies, such as those in the US, and then families who wish to adopt from China can be matched with a child.

I know it can seem like an overwhelming task to adopt internationally, but if you take it just one step at a time, before you know it you can be home with a wonderful, beautiful baby or older child.

Adoption is such a blessing. If anyone is interested in more information, they can contact us at any time. I am blessed to have seven children, two from China, and I cannot imagine our lives without them!”

One of these many kids who are waiting for adoption, is Timothy. A brilliant boy who loves to explore!


Timothy, is from Henan Province. He has a grant for $3000.

Lillie is a ten year old little girl from Hunan Province. She is ready to be adopted!. She has been given a $3000 grant as well.


After reading “The Ten Best Things about Lillie” , you’ll see she is ready to meet her forever loving family.

Ruby and Brent have also received grants and are waiting for a family to adopt them.

The grants would be provided to the family who bring them home.

I can’t conclude this article without mentioning a special little girl Iris . It’s an amazing story. So many loving people, so many branches of LWB have worked together to change this beautiful child’s life. She will soon be in the U.S. to get the surgery she needs. I am hoping a loving family will adopt this little girl. I know the family will have a glorious journey with Iris.


“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven.” ~Henry Ward

For information, please visit Adoption and watch the Video on “Waiting Child Adoption”.

Adoption Assistance Grants

Frequently Asked Questions

Current recipients of grants

Past recipients & LWB Success stories

E-Mail: adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com

Amy Eldridge and Karen Maunu: LWB

This is about two women I greatly admire. Two women whose boundless love for children would bring them together. Two most gracious and selfless women. This is about Amy Eldridge and Karen Maunu.

Karen & Amy

Karen & Amy

I am reminded of the inspiring words of Khalil Gibran. “When we give ourselves unconditionally, we truly give. When we give without expecting anything back, we are an unconditional giver.”

Amy and Karen are two unconditional givers.
I find their positive spirit to be contagious.

Not long ago, I had an online interview with Amy Eldridge, the founder of a nonprofit organization “Love Without Boundaries.“ I was already fascinated by her BIO on Twitter. She started with “I hope that people can see that anyone truly can make a difference in this world, if they just step out in faith to help those in need.”
My interview with Amy opened my eyes and my heart.

Amy -Unconditional Love

Amy -Unconditional Love

Amy’s world changed six years ago when she visited her first orphanage in China. Walking past metal baby cribs filled with abandoned children, she met a fragile, very sick little baby with heart disease. A baby named Kang. How devastating it must be to see a baby fighting for their life! Amy asked when the baby’s surgery would be, the response was: “no funds were available” to save this poor baby’s life.

Amy returned to the U.S. but couldn’t forget the images at the orphanage. She couldn’t get that baby’s face out of her mind. She knew she had to help that beautiful baby. While this little boy was facing an unknown future, Amy wrote to family and friends to help her with funding to save his life. She was blessed to have many wonderful family and friends that supported her. Those friends and family members passed her original letter on to others asking for support. The outpouring of support was simply amazing. Amy along with family members, friends, and friends of friends managed to raise sufficient funds to heal baby Kang.

There were other children with heart defects. Amy says thus the idea of establishing a foundation called “Love Without Boundaries“, dedicated to changing the lives of orphaned children in China, was formed.

Amy emphasizes adoption is such a blessing. She adopted two children from China. She says she cannot imagine her live without them.

When I met Karen Maunu on Twitter, I could feel her love and passion for children. I could sense her deep love and respect for her husband, who must be a wonderful man. You can ask anyone who knows Karen and you’ll hear the same. Karen was not always a stay at home mom. She was a successful career woman. After a while, she realized she didn’t find much meaning in pursuing a career in computer sciences. She wanted to dedicate herself to her family. She quit her job after her second child, to be a stay at home mom. She only wanted to be a loving wife and caring mom. She found meaning in life giving unconditionally to her family. I can feel her passion when Karen speaks about her children and her family.

Karen-Unconditional Love

Karen-Unconditional Love

Karen wanted to adopt and started researching many countries. This brought her and her husband to China where they adopted their daughter. Two years later, they were back in China to adopt one more child. During this trip, Karen and her husband visited the orphanage where their second adopted daughter was raised. The orphanage was full of beautiful children, all wanting to be hugged and loved. When they returned to the U.S., Karen was still thinking of the children she left behind.

Karen started doing research on the Internet. It didn’t take long before she found Amy Eldridge’s blog and later that year learned Amy had formed the non profit foundation: “Love Without Boundaries.” It didn’t take a long time before Karen was involved with LWB. They traveled to China together where Amy asked her to become the Medical Director of LWB. Karen and Amy found absolutely the best hospitals in China to make sure special needs children and children with heart defects get the best care. In spring 2009, Karen was promoted to Associate Executive Director.

Amy, Karen and dedicated LWB volunteers in many countries, have been working for the past six years, to provide the most loving and compassionate care to children whom otherwise would be waiting in their metal cribs, facing an uncertain future. LWB is a virtual foundation with over 150 volunteers. They have daily communication with LWB staff in China, through email and Skype. They also make trips to China to check on the children’s progress. They both say they have been blessed on those trips to meet so many incredible children who inspire them.

They have a good relationship with officials in China. They are grateful for those loving and compassionate people working at the orphanages.

LWB has 5 main program areas in China. The programs are run with the very best teachers, aunties and program managers.

The Medical Program provides heart surgeries, abdominal surgeries, and other life changing operations. LWB has several specific medical funds that people can donate to, such as heart surgery fund. This enables a child who needs an urgent surgery to be fully funded.

The Foster Care Program places children in a loving home.

The Education Program builds schools inside of orphanages, as well as providing funds for both high school and college.

The Healing Homes Program builds special facilities where most needy and vulnerable babies can receive care. The Cleft Healing Home Project is dear to their heart. In 2008, LWB opened the first Cleft Healing Home in China.

The Orphanage Assistance Program provides high quality formula, safe cribs, and warm clothes to those in need.

About 1500 children a year receive help and assistance from LWB.

Amy and Karen have much in common. Both adopted children from China. Both are passionate about the work they do for LWB. Both give unconditionally.

Amy and Karen work together to raise funds for LWB. Their goal is the same as when Amy started LWB to save more children’s lives. In Amy’s own words: “We want to change the lives of as many orphaned children as possible, in order to help as many of them find permanent homes through adoption as possible. Some of the new projects we are working on include a possible sixth orphanage school inside a large orphanage that has a lot of kids who can’t attend public school, a new Foster Care Program in rural southwestern China, another Cleft Healing Home so even more lives can be saved, and of course to continue healing as many children as possible through our medical program.”
And she adds: “We have a saying at LWB that “every time you save a child’ life…the world changes for the good.”

LWB is not an adoption agency but they work closely with adoption agencies because they believe each child deserves a home and a loving family.

Amy Eldridge and Karen Maunu remind us that it is only through giving that we are saving our own lives.

“Together, we really can change the world….one child at a time.” ~Amy Eldridge