Letting Go

Kindness, compassion and forgiveness are all essential human values. Our well-being thrives from these values, along with mindfulness and tolerance.

These values bring people together.

These values create a life in harmony.

Focusing on our differences, creates conflict and separation.

Focusing on what we have in common, brings us together and promotes peace.

I’ve been in social media since 2008. It has been an educational journey both good and bad. I’ve experienced some of the most destructive human behaviors. I’ve learned some very important things about human beings that I could have never learned otherwise. I’ve seen people who preach about spirituality, unconditional love and praying daily, doing terrible things. I’ve seen people who pretended to be a loving friend, invading private lives, then being unbelievably abusive and defaming others’ character in public. These are the predators, the ones who lie, cheat and use gossip to hurt and harm others. And then there are those who participate in gossip, seemingly unaware of the damage they cause while they preach honesty and integrity. I’ve seen it all.

This blog isn’t about all the terrible things that people do on the internet. People do terrible things in real life too. There is a great value in the lessons learned.

My intention is positive. I want to emphasize that no matter what others say or do, we still have a choice. My choice has always been “forgive, forget and move on,” however, it was tough at times.

The main reason why I wanted to write this blog is that some friends are not happy that they’re being unfollowed, blocked or unfriended in social media. Before I elaborate more, I would like to mention that each case is individual. Everyone has his/her own reason to unfriend or block friends in social media. We are all human beings. We all feel hurt or shocked by unexplained actions, even more so on the net because we can’t even find out the real reason behind hurtful actions.

Back in 2009, I never understood why someone blocked or unfollowed me on Twitter or someone else blocked me on Facebook but still wanted to be my friend on Twitter. In one particular case, I was very confused as the person who blocked me had said they loved me shortly prior to their bizarre action. Yet in another case, a person blocked me because I posted my deepest sympathy after an online friend tragically passed away. How could I know this person (who blocked me) had conflicts and dramas with the deceased? That’s beside the point, isn’t it? Am I not allowed to express my sadness when an online friend dies? And yet another weird example where the person blocked me because I called them by their name. Should I have followed them around on the net and keep myself updated about their moment by moment dramas? Why didn’t they privately let me know that they don’t want me to call them by their name? Where is the honesty in friendship? I even saw one person gossiping about me in public timeline. When I acknowledged their gossip, they wouldn’t even say a word to apologize. I must admit I was baffled by all their emotional immaturity. These are just a few examples to show you how bizarre “relationships” can get online. But I have grown.

Humility and integrity are essential to achieve long-lasting success in both personal and professional relationships.

To protect ourselves, we need to develop a life strategy. If we want to avoid dramas and nightmares, we have to build up our immunity. Once you’re immune from the predators, nothing that they say or do will affect you. Keep in mind that these predators are usually insecure, misguided people disguised as socially confident people. Don’t fall in their trap because the trap is an endless circle of deception and cruelty created by their lies. Don’t play their game. They target kind people, thinking kind people are easy prey. Trust your instincts. If you are true to yourself, you won’t be easy prey.

Don Miguel Ruiz’s “Four Agreements” clearly states: “Don’t take anything personally.” This is a very useful tool and an absolute key to personal freedom because you rule your life according to your own values, not according to other people’s opinions. In the final analysis, nothing people do or say about you, has anything to do with you. It is about the emotional baggage they bring with them. In other words, they are dealing with their own garbage. They need to take out the trash from their past. This is very important to understand.

Actions always reveal one’s true character.
Words are not always true.

Observe the patterns. Surround yourself with those who value your worth. And remember, wisdom is knowing what to ignore. You will be free from pursuing unimportant dramas that ultimately will damage or hurt you.

I will conclude with late Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s statement from Real Magic: “They owe me nothing. I expect nothing of them. I will just accept them where they are right now.”



“Speak truth in humility to all people. Only then can you be a true man.”          ~Sioux Saying

Remembering Robin Williams

“Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.” ~José N. Harris

It’s natural to feel sad when someone close to us dies.
To feel a great sense of loss when someone whom you have never met dies, makes that person very special.

Monday afternoon, I got online to check some news. I can’t explain the shock I felt. I was totally stunned and really hoped it was a hoax.
How could Robin Williams be gone? I got on Twitter in tears. Sadly, it wasn’t a hoax. The world’s most beloved comedian, talented actor and beautiful human being, the genius Robin Williams passed away. I was heartbroken.

Like the rest of the world, I am completely devastated. His gifts to us span four decades. From the stage as a stand up comedian to actor of the big and small screen, he was insightful and brilliant. He was Mork in Mork & Mindy, the Radio Jock in Good Morning Vietnam, the Professor in Good Will Hunting, the Genie in Aladdin, Peter Pan in Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire plus many others. His role as an English teacher in Dead Poets Society still inspires people to become teachers.

I have never seen such an outpouring of love and support from friends, adoring fans and the media. The tributes coming in from family, friends and fans only confirm what we already knew. He was a gentle and generous soul. He was kind to all.

Robin Williams has a special place in our hearts. He was the world’s honorary uncle. His immeasurable talent(s) touched something deep inside of us. That is what true artists do.

My heart aches for his family and friends. I hope the media including the social media will allow them to mourn and grieve in peace.

We hope you have found the peace and laughter you gave to us all.
Gone from this world yet never forgotten.
Farewell, yet not goodbye.
We will miss you, Uncle Robin.

Here are little pearls of wisdom from Robin Williams: 50 great quotes

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world!” ~Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society
Dead Poets Society

Bee a Righty

In the end, I’m not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as in how you choose to live and give. ~Cory Booker

Today, I read a very interesting article: Honeybees use right antennae to tell friend from foe

Researchers reveal that sensory neuron asymmetry affects how bees navigate social situations. It appears that honeybees use their right antenna to distinguish between friends and intruders.

The new study shows that honeybees with only a right antenna recognize and behave in a heartfelt way toward each other. When honeybees interact solely with their right antennas, they are more sociable, positive and interact with each other more cordially. Yet honeybees with only a left antenna go on the attack, even though they are hive-mates. In other words, when they have only their left antennas, they will more likely respond in an aggressive and negative way.

The same study suggests that the bees’ brains are wired asymmetrically, as are human brains. The right and left sides of the bees’ brains seem to perform different functions, like humans’ brains. This new study implies that brain asymmetry isn’t a uniquely human phenomenon after all.

A honeybee’s brain contains only 960,000 neurons whereas an average human brain contains 86 billion neurons. This just shows how extraordinary honeybees are. They are extremely smart. They use their right antennas to navigate complex social situations.

We humans have a lot to learn from the honeybees.

I bet honeybees would be more civilized in social media. Some people in social media seem to be always on attack mode, whether they do it in public or behind the scenes. They seem to use their left antennas only. Celebrities and those who are friends with celebrities are prone to some ugly aggressive behaviors by others. Low self-esteem, insecurity and a fear-dominated mind-set must have have damaged their ability to use the right antenna.

I am right-brained. I prefer to use my right antenna and I always did. It has always served me well. Just like honeybees, the right antenna is indeed my caller-ID. I can see the difference between authentic and fake friends (those who pretend to be friends). I can distinguish between someone who is sincere and who isn’t. However, I always treat everyone with respect, no matter what.

I wish everyone could use their right antenna. It will always serve well both in personal and professional relationships. But if you can’t use your right antenna, at least be a good listener.

One way to break out of a negative mind-set is to identify the behaviors linked to your fears and try to find out which fears are motivating your decisions (that are ultimately damaging you).

Our actions are always echoed back to us. Choose kindness. If you can’t help people, at least don’t hurt them.

Utilize your right antenna. It can transform your life.


“The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom. When a man reaches an absolutely silent state, he roars like a lion.” ~Osho

Keep it positive

“Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.” ~Bruce Lee

I’ve observed three main character traits that I believe are self-destructive in social networking and building relationships.

1. Cynicism
Cynics are known as suspicious, paranoid and mistrustful of others. Scientists categorize this character trait as hostility. Cynics are not necessarily bad people. They read into people’s behaviors, calling it a gut instinct and being suspicious of even a kind gesture.

Where does all this suspicion stem from? It stems from being paranoid and mistrustful of others and has deep roots in their past experiences. I’ve learned that those with low self-esteem (disguised as confident people) display this character trait.

2. Lack of self-control:

Some people react to every possible tweet, post and they over-analyze. Some others get angry if they don’t receive a response or if they receive a response that differs from their point of view. Then, they go into the attack mode. They say words that they will regret later, which is unfortunately too late. Most feel ashamed of it but their ego won’t allow them to apologize.

Restraint is very important for online relationships as well as in real life. However, unlike real life, what you say online is forever. Don’t think that those private messages, phone calls, Google hang outs or Skype chats are private.

3. Envy, Jealousy and Gossip

Unfortunately, some people, especially women seem to be driven by envy and jealousy. Some of them go as far as telling lies, gossiping and spreading rumors. Lack of purpose in their lives is perhaps the main reason for such viciousness. It’s self destructive and destroy others who are subjected to bullying. It hurts all parties yet mostly the person who is doing it. Yes, I do believe in Karma.

When you tweet: “Be Kind, Be Real”, extend it outside twitter and apply it in your life. Your words have little meaning if your actions contradict them.

Some friends ask me how I remain positive no matter what happens. I’ve learned that positivity depends vitally how I think. Just like life, positivity is fragile. Take a moment to notice your surroundings in social media and ask yourself: How does social media benefit me and others? What is going right for me here?

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”~Carl Sagan

Think of positivity like a beautiful color palette; love, joy, serenity, hope, inspiration, interest, gratitude and awe.

If your social media experience doesn’t seem to serve you well, maybe you weigh it down with self-doubt and cynicism. Be open. Be sincere. Be grateful. Be appreciative. Thinking in this manner can ignite positivity and puts a smile on your face. Be sure to take a few moments each day, to reply and interact with your friends. Positivity broadens our minds and outlook. Positivity enables us to attract people whom we mutually benefit from and helps us see unlimited possibilities around us. It makes us stronger to cope with adversity.

Positivity can change your life and it can change your communities. It can create a more compassionate and harmonic community.

More than once, I’ve been asked this question: How do I deal with rude and negative people? My mind doesn’t embrace combat and war like tactics. My mind simply thinks of peace. I don’t de-humanize people who wronged me as my enemies. I rather think of them as unfortunate small-minded people with big egos who are suffering and lashing out. In my thoughts I extend them love and compassion. Even though they tried to harm me, I still find qualities about them that I can appreciate. Their negativity belongs to them, not me. Last but not least, I see them as teachers in disguise. I’ve experienced this in the past year. I still came out ahead so can you. You can disarm the negativity.

“Absorb what is useful, Discard what is not, Add what is uniquely your own.” ~Bruce Lee

Kindness and positivity nurture each other. In my experience, kind people are focused on how they can make a difference and how they can lend a hand. By boosting kindness, we also increase our positivity. We are more compassionate towards others even under adverse circumstances. By helping others you will help yourself. I haven’t met anyone who reached his or her potential by themselves. Connect with others. You’ll notice an increased positivity and in turn will attract positivity. So interact with others everyday no matter what. Open your heart and mind.



Relationships in Social Media

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ~Albert Einstein

I love Social Media. I am on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,  just to mention a few.

Over the years, I’ve connected with many wonderful people. As someone who has traveled extensively, I enjoy living with “no borders” and exploring new cultures. I have friends from all parts of the world. All of God’s children are beautiful.

We all make choices in life. I choose to surround myself with positive people and those who are fine with the fact that I can have my own opinion and we can disagree respectfully. I strongly believe that respecting others has to do with self-respect.

I don’t have enemies. Simply because I don’t dehumanize others and label them as the enemy. I’ve learned to distance myself from cruel, ego-driven people. Reacting/responding to them only encourages their bad behavior. Fear and insecurity govern the ego. If you meet such people, don’t fuel their dramas because the more you react, the more you’ll attract drama into your own life.

All negativity is a cry for love and compassion. Do not take offense if someone is rude or unkind. It may seem like they’re trying to hurt you. We just don’t understand the personal baggage they bring to the situation. People are doing the best they can, given their circumstances and belief systems.

You may have noticed how one upset person can affect a whole community and how one loving, wise person can be inspirational.

When we bring our positive and loving energy to the surrounding environment, others feel loving and peaceful too.

We can choose peace no matter how others are acting. Anger is temporary. How we respond is our responsibility. Nobody can make us angry or upset without our consent.

We always have a choice; peace over worry and love over conflict.

Over time, I’ve learned that simply observing people without making any judgments can lead to better understanding.

We are not responsible for making other people’s social media relationships work; they are. I do not worry if some of my friends choose to leave. As I grow spiritually, people will either grow and stay in my life or leave.

Sometimes “letting go” is an act of greater power than hanging on.

If you really want to be transparent in Social Media, try not to make quick judgments about others. Adults can act like children. Fighting with them brings you down to their level. Open your heart, send out love and refuse to allow their negative energy into your life.

You don’t need to change yourself in order to have successful relationships in Social Media. You only need to love yourself. Love is within your heart. Don’t seek it outside yourself.


Meet Fashion Designer George Zaharoff

Photo Courtesy of George Zaharoff

I was fortunate enough to meet Fashion Designer George Zaharoff on Twitter. He is humble and down to earth. He found his passion (his life’s purpose) in fashion design. He understands that the source of all abundance in life is not something you search for. It’s a resource you tap into from inside yourself. I believe this is what makes him successful along with his love for life and his popular dog Piccolo.

George traveled extensively all over the world throughout his life. Traveling and living in other cultures bring balance, serenity and wisdom. George recognizes the beauty, the kindness and the goodness in all things. He gives every element of life his fullest attention. His enthusiasm is contagious. That is the “fuel” for a successful life. You can feel his passion in his writing.

“Georgisms” are sayings he has written from the time he was 19 year old. They are beautiful sayings such as: “I am in control of my own destiny” and “I Look Within Myself for the Answers”

George Zaharoff is inspiring. In his own words: “Zaharoff isn’t a just a label, it’s a lifestyle.”

George accepted my request to interview him. I am thrilled to share my interview with all of you.

SHIRE: Dear George, Thank you for allowing me to interview you.
Was fashion your first business idea? Have you considered others?

GEORGE: The fashion house was my very first business idea, I was 18 years old and a sophomore at DePaul. What I am doing now is what I wanted to do when I was a child. Every time I have tried to do something else, the Universe would throw me back on this track. After failing miserably in Milan at age 20 (twenty!), I remember being in my third interview with Anderson Consulting and being told when I meet the big managers to dress a little bit more conservative. Now remember, this is 1994-ish. I said, “but Valentino Couture is conservative.” While that was happening, I thought of going to YALE to do my MBA. And I remember I was wearing this beautiful Rene Lezard white and black checkered double-breasted sport jacket with a pair of black pants, a shirt and a floral Chanel Tie – gorgeous. I walked into this room and everyone was wearing these boring BORING black pin-striped suits. I was the only one, in the entire room, wearing a sport jacket. There are so many other stories like that – but for some reason, I was always “pushed” back on this track.

SHIRE: If fashion design hadn’t been your “calling”, can you imagine doing anything else?

GEORGE: I don’t know what else I would be doing. If I can tell you how much I love LOVE what I do – words can’t describe. When I am creating, I feel like I am one with the Universe. I feel like I am in flow.

SHIRE: I believe we can become better, wiser even stronger through hardships. Have you gone through some hardships?

GEORGE: I don’t think words can say the hardships I have been through. BUT I’ve never felt alone, I never once thought, Dear God, where are you? And my immediate family, my parents and my brothers and sisters, were also always there for me. I do feel like I am Dante from Dante’s Inferno – I have come from the depths of hell and I am back to talk about it. As long as you have your health, including your mental health, everything else can be dealt with…and never give up, never ever ever EVER give up.

SHIRE: How does an entrepreneur recognize a good idea?

GEORGE: There are people out there that come out with a constant flow of ideas, incredible ideas. Entreprendre is Old French for “undertaker” – the act of undertaking “x”, in this case the idea. To undertake takes a great deal of chutzpah – it’s a scary world out there and for someone to take money from their savings….or to take money from someone else to go after their dreams isn’t easy. An entrepreneur just knows…and if a road block comes, they find their way around it. There’s no such thing as failure, just “what’s next”.

SHIRE: What attributes do you think are important in becoming a successful entrepreneur?

GEORGE: In 2004, I remember an executive from Nordstrom asked me, “how does it feel to be successful?” And I stopped for a minute and said exactly what my thought was, “I never considered myself successful.” I am so much into the “game” with my eye on the ball, I don’t think about “oh I am successful”. With that little thought I just shared, people equate success with money, and it’s not right. Success is taking an idea and bringing it to the marketplace and have people use their hard earned money to buy it. We equate success with Donald Trump, but was Mother Teresa successful? Success comes in different ways.

SHIRE: What is the main key ingredient to your success?

GEORGE: The main key to Zaharoff being successful, no doubt, number one – the Zaharoff team. With the right team in place, everything can be dealt with. With our team, it’s about the brand – what is best for the brand. Not about Joe, Jane, or Steve. When you come with that perspective, it is easier to make decisions. Then there is the product and service; it has to be world-class otherwise customers will go elsewhere. What we do at Zaharoff is give the same fabrics as the Italian brands, equal or better quality than them, at half to 70% less the price. How are we able to do that? We don’t mark up our goods as high as our competition. And our clothes are made in a brand new state-of-the-art factory outside of Boston.

SHIRE: What was your biggest challenge to become a successful designer?

GEORGE: The biggest challenges the brand has experienced were always external. The WTC attacks on 9/11/2001, directly affected the company and it took me two years to get back on track. And finally this year, 2011, we have been able to recover from the 2008 financial meltdown. To be a successful design house, a brand needs to have a very strong identity and exceptional managers, it must know exactly what it stands for. I refer to a brand as if it was a person, because it is, a brand is a living breathing entity, the managers and designers are its organs.

SHIRE: Was living abroad a beneficial experience for your business? Would you recommend it to other entrepreneurs?

GEORGE: The world was a different time and place when I lived in Europe and I am SO fortunate to have experienced it at that time. The Italians taught me excellence – what luxury actually is – and the beauty in an item we would normally take for granted, like a cashmere sweater. Yes, there is a difference between something that is well-made and something just put together for the sake of being put together. The Germans taught me the finishing of a product – the edges of a box coloured so the white doesn’t show. It changes the way you live your life. There’s a reason why the Italians are so good in what they do, they eat, live, drink, breathe fashion. They wear the clothes they make…and if something doesn’t fit right, they fix it, they adjust the pattern, etc. Over time you have the best tailors in the world. This is also why Germans make incredible cars, because they are passionate about driving.

SHIRE: Please tell me about your fragrance line.

GEORGE: Zaharoff was selling a very successful line of men’s and women’s fragrances in 150 Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf Goodman doors up until 9/11 – which directly affected the company. I had no choice but to focus on my clothing. We are relaunching Zaharoff Pour Homme at Nordstrom in the Fall of 2011, which is thrilling. The cycle, for me, has never completed itself. You can’t imagine…I’m just very excited. We are going to start with the launch of Zaharoff Pour Homme and then the women’s probably some time in 2012. My dream from day one was to have an entire personal and home fragrance collection as well as beauty, such as skin care and color.

SHIRE: What stores carry the distinctive Zaharoff collection?

GEORGE: Zaharoff can be found in select Nordstrom stores and smaller specialty stores all over the country. You can go to www.zaharoff.com for information.

SHIRE: What is included in the Fall/Winter 2011 Collection?

GEORGE: As of September, 2011, Zaharoff will be doing men’s and women’s tailored clothing (suits, sport jackets, formal wear, trousers, shirts, neckwear, accessories), men’s and women’s outerwear, men’s and women’s sportswear, like items you can wear casually. Finally the launch of Zaharoff Pour Homme, men’s fragrance. Also, there are some plans with Piccolo too…yes, that’s right, my pooch has the DNA for design.

When do I get to drive?

SHIRE: What is the most important thing to you in life?

GEORGE: The single most important thing in my life is Peace of Mind. Peace of Mind means health, happiness, love, fulfillment, prosperity, etc. With Peace of Mind, my personal relationships with my family – my grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. – friends and others as well as my professional relationships with my colleagues, partners, and retailers, flow. Peace of mind brings unlimited creativity and unlimited possibilities. My Peace of Mind is the most important thing to me.
Note the key words in my life: Flow, Peace, Happiness.

SHIRE: If you could travel back in time, what time period and where would you go to?

GEORGE: We all talk about a “Golden Age”, a time where things were more fabulous. The Ancient Greeks spoke of a Golden Age, the Romans spoke about Ancient Greece as being the Golden Age….in the 80s we spoke of the 50s as the Golden Age. Honestly, I don’t think we live in a better time than today. Yes, things can always be better. But we are in a time when technology is changing so quickly and to see that is very exciting. The world is becoming one community – we haven’t gotten there yet, but it has begun, and that is exciting for me. We are also living in a time where we are living the longest we ever have in history.

SHIRE: Thank you so much for your time. Wishing you continued success and happiness.

Find inspiration in George Zaharoff’s powerful blog:
The World of George Zaharoff www.georgezaharoff.com

Follow George Zaharoff on Twitter @Zaharoff and his adorable dog Piccolo @PiccoloZaharoff.

Keep up with George Zaharoff on Facebook.

Visit www.zaharoff.com to see Zaharoff collection.

My favorite fashion designer is George Zaharoff

Make Wishes Come True

Love and compassion is at the core of giving. Giving back enriches all. I know I feel energized, fulfilled and happy when I give. Giving is indeed a beautiful experience.

A child suffering with serious illness is one of the saddest things in the world. Since 1980, the Make-A-Wish Foundation® has given hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

One of these children is Erik “Electron Boy”. He wished to be a superhero. On World Wish Day® 2010, Erik transformed into Electron Boy. More than 350 people helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation® make Erik’s wish come true on this special day. Watch this video to see Erik’s wish, one of the many wishes, that was granted last year:

World Wish Day® 2010 – Erik’s wish to be a superhero

World Wish Day® 2011, a global celebration of wish granting, is coming up on Friday, April 29, 2011.

Please visit Ways to Help: World Wish Day® and get involved in World Wish ® 2011. There is a variety of options for helping and giving.

Follow Make-A-Wish Foundation® on Twitter @MakeAWish and “like” on Facebook at facebook.com/makeawish.

Everyone should get involved in supporting the World Wish Day campaign on April 29, 2011.

Spread the word!

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Every New-Born has a Purpose

Love Without Boundaries(LWB) provides the most compassionate and dedicated help to orphaned and impoverished children in China. This is accomplished through five different programs. One of these programs is healing homes.

There are times that babies with medical needs in the orphanage system need an extra dose of tender loving care. These children are among the most vulnerable due to being born with special needs that often cannot be met in an institutional setting. 

Healing homes are staffed with well-trained nannies who devote their time to the careful nurturing of these children. Through their medical work in China, they have realized that orphaned children born with cleft lip and palate often become failure to thrive babies due to their inability to feed properly. It’s heartbreaking as life in a crowded institution can be a true struggle to survive for a child born with cleft.

In 2008, LWB opened the Anhui Cleft Healing Home, welcoming the babies with cleft into a safe and warm environment. The careful feeding of the children is being provided by devoted nannies, and then the children receive surgery to correct their cleft lip at the first possible opportunity. LWB’s second healing home, Henan Cleft Healing Home opened in June 2009, providing nurturing care to cleft effected children of one of China’s poorest provinces.
Please watch LWB Cleft Healing Homes Video.

According to an ancient Chinese legend when a child is born, an invisible red thread connects the child’s soul to everyone who will play a part in that child’s life, present and future. Whether you believe in this ancient legend or not, through sponsorship or adoption you connect with a child born in a country with a history of 4000 years.

Every new-born has a purpose. Children at cleft healing homes are waiting to find their place in this world. One of the children who are currently waiting for sponsorship is baby Neil. This beautiful child is living at the Henan Cleft Healing Home, waiting for a kind soul to give him a chance. For a sponsorship of $50 a month, you can help Neil have a new beginning on life!

Love’s Journey

Love Without Boundaries is giving away a copy of Love’s Journey 2 (LJ2): The Red Thread to anyone who mentions LWB in a blog, on their Facebook page, or on another type of online social media.

LJ2 is a beautiful hard cover, coffee table style book filled with hundreds of photos and stories about China and international adoption. I know because I have got one. After reading this awesome book packed with great stories and photos, all I could think of is international adoption.

Please find all the details here:

Take advantage of this offer now and give a copy to your family members or friends. A perfect holiday gift!

LOVE'S JOURNEY 2 The Red Thread

LOVE'S JOURNEY 2 The Red Thread

We can create a miracle in our world.

We must encourage International Adoption. Because we know it’s our job to accomplish.

Helping children after trauma

By Jonathan Wilson

Children around the world who suffer emotional trauma need our help.

In many places, trauma is not just from personal tragedy but due to conflict, poverty, disaster or discrimination.
Most of these children simply do not have access to adequate care.

OperationSAFE is working on a solution…
•Child-friendly resources that help children recover.
•Easily reproduced volunteer-run program
•Large scale screening allows professional counselors to focus on the most serious cases.

We are encouraged by the results we have seen…
In fifteen camps after the Great Sichuan Earthquake in China,
•Children opened up about the trauma they experienced
•Families welcomed counselors into their homes to receive more help
•Local authorities enthusiastically invited teams back to hold follow-up camps.

For many of these children the OperationSAFE camp was “the most fun I have EVER had!”

But we need your help…
•Become a fan on FB and Twitter and spread the word
•Give so we can make this available to children worldwide!
•Volunteer to translate, edit, train, teach, go!

You can become a fan here on Facebook, or follow me @operationSAFE on Twitter.

You can give through http://firstgiving.com/operationSAFE

You can volunteer by contacting us on Facebook or Twitter.

Pete’s Arctic Adventure: 1st draft animation trailer

Children learn that they are not alone through a game where they have to rely on someone else to help them.